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Design, Technology, & Business Experts

At the heart of our company is a blend of design, technology, and business experts who work together as a close team to create amazing software. Why did we choose experts from these three fields and what does it mean to you? Through our experience, this particular mix of experts has produced the best software. You probably know that successful software isn't a result of just good technology, or design. Successful software must be intuitive, work well, and most importantly produce business results. That is exactly why we employ this group of experts to work on your project.

Technologies We Use

In order to deliver you the best value possible we've chosen a proven mix of technologies. While we do have experience working with other technologies, the preferred mix we employ is Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP (aka LAMP). Along with these technologies, our team has extensive experience with Web 2.0 (i.e. AJAX, Comet) technologies and methods. The decision to use these technologies was based on a number of factors including time to develop, flexibility, security, and performance. On top of that, compared with similar technologies, these can save you tens of thousands of dollars in operating costs. What does this mean to you? It means you get all the functionality you need at a great price.

Our Approach to Projects

The real value you get from us s is our complete dedication to your success. We deliver this value through the projects we work on together.

The way we see it, each new project brings an opportunity to innovate, an opportunity to grow. That's why we hold ourselves to high project management and product quality standards. More specifically, this means that you'll see us use agile development methods to improve our delivery capacity. Or you might see us allocate more time to the design phase when working on products that are targeted toward new customers or markets. It's all part of the way we ensure you are getting the most value from your investment.

Customer Testimonial

It was very pleasing to find a company who could develop everything they designed. Literally there was no compromise from the original design and functionality they gave us. WebOnyx has exceeded our expectations in many ways and I strongly recommend them.
Mark Madson
Product Unit Manager


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